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Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. If you are unsure about any of the following, please contact us.

The copyright of all images on this site and submitted to you for approval and/or use, is held by each photographer as sole creator of his/her work. No image may be used in any manner whatsoever until the invoice for use has been received by you and paid in full (unless prior permission is granted by us).

Each individual invoice and licence form will specify the terms and conditions applicable to the use of each selected image. Any further use outside of that specified in the invoice/license form must be approved by us prior to that additional use, in which case an additional fee will be payable. Additional use outside of that specified in the license or unauthorised use, constitutes and infringement of copyright. All copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by International copyright law.

Any reproduction rights granted must not be sold, transferred or otherwise passed on to any other party.

For editorial usage, a photo credit is required in full stating the photographer's name and (ie Joe Photo / Hedgehog House)

Reproduction fees (also known as License Fees) are to be agreed upon prior to publication or other use. In the situation where images are reproduced prior to agreement of a fee then the maximum fee applicable to the use of each image will apply.

PhotoNewZealand.com is unable to offer refunds once high resolution digital files have been delivered to you. This is the same practice as adopted by the music and software industry once music and software files have been downloaded from the internet. We are unable to ascertain whether images have actually been used or not which is why we are not able to offer refunds.

Please make your selections carefully and request comp images if you need to further evaluate an image's suitability for your project.

If there is a technical problem with the image, a replacement scan or satisfactory substitution will be supplied.

Payment Terms
For approved clients who have an active account with us, our payment terms are strictly the 20th of the month following month of invoice. Interest of 5% per month or part thereof will be charged on amounts not received by due date.

For all other clients our payment terms are strictly cash (or credit card) prior to delivery. In order to speed up the delivery process you are able to make payment direct to our bank account. We accept Visa and Mastercard for credit card payment.

An invoice/license will be issued at the time an image has been agreed for use, either in printed or digital form, showing how the image(s) are able to be used.

Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract including without limitation, the validity, interpretation, performance and breach hereto, shall be settled by the Disputes Tribunal of the New Zealand Department of Justice in Christchurch, New Zealand.

For more information about this policy, please contact us.

Our Terms and Conditions contain all the terms of agreement between us concerning delivery and review of images and no terms or conditions may be added or deleted unless made in writing and signed by both ourselves and the client. This provision does not apply to the invoice/licence form we shall issue for use of images and which may contain additional terms relating to the rights granted and type of use allowed.

We exclude to the fullest extent permitted by International Law any warranty, express or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose.

Except as specifically stated in our Terms and Conditions of Use or as otherwise required by law, neither we nor our directors, employees, contributors, suppliers or other representatives will be liable for damages of any kind (including but without limitation to, lost profits, direct, indirect, compensatory, consequential, exemplary, special, incidental, or punitive damages) arising out of your use of or your inability to use images licensed from us, whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

We use reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, correctness and reliability of the content of our site, but we make no representations or warranties as to the content's accuracy, correctness or reliability.

While we take reasonable care to correctly identify, caption and orientate the pictures, we do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred by the Client or any third party caused by any errors.

Should you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions please contact us.

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